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We are proud to offer a limited warranty on all of our products, When properly cared for our products will last many years. If one of our products fails due to a manufacturer's defect within 1 year of the purchase date, original purchaser may return it to us for repair at our discretion. If it is past the 1 year warranty please contact us, if a repair can be made we will work with you to get your product fixed if possible. Please take a moment to read what our warrant will not cover. 

-Damage due to wear and tear, accident, improper use, negligence, or the natural breakdown of materials over extended time and use is not covered.

-Common damage such as from rips and tears in the materials (but not limited to) is not covered under the warranty and is considered normal wear and tear.

-Damage to the zipper, including damage from sand, dirt and grime 

-Damage from washing the materials in a washing machine. Hand wash gently only do not vigorously scrub, as it will break down the materials.

-Damage from any kind of animals you may encounter; including wildlife and domestic pets.

-Damage from excessive snow loads. When snowing make sure to keep the shelter free of heavy loads of snow.

-These are not intended for year round use as a home. 

-Excessive UV exposure

-Damage from sticks, rocks, trees, tree branches etc

-stove jacks fraying, damage to stove jack from improper use, damage to shelter from improper stove jack use and any holes you may get from having a stove in your shelter are not covered.

-Damage from children playing in or on the product.

-Damage from not securing your shelter in high storms and it taking off is also not covered. 

If we determine that the damage is not covered under our warranty, we will contact you prior to performing any repair work. Furthermore if you have damage to your shelter from any of the following we may be able to repair at our discretion for a small fee, however please be aware that sometimes the damage is unrepairable. Please email us or call us prior to shipping anything back.

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